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St Mary, Antingham & the ruins of St Margaret’s

Behold the ruins of St Margaret next to St Mary, Antingham, a Grade I Listed building

In Antingham churchyard, you will find two churches, St Margaret and St Mary. The ivy-clad ruins of St Margaret are fascinating to behold, dating from the early 12th century, slightly older than St Mary which dates from the 14th-century. The ruins are sited parallel across the graveyard to St Mary, which was restored in 1864 when the new porch was added.

The octagonal font in St Mary dates to the 13th century. Take the time to wander up to the chancel where you will find an intriguing memorial brass. It is dedicated to Richard and Anne Calthorpe and is dated 1554, with an inscription recording that this was during the first and second years of King Philip and Queen Mary. You will see a head of Christ the Man of Sorrows on the brass although it has been vandalised, and the brass shows that the Calthorpes had nineteen children.

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